What exactly is the product?

C James Only Pty Ltd is an online marketplace for homeowners and business owners (also known as Customers) to request jobs to be done in their home (eg. Plumber, Electrician, Gardener and so on). C James Only Pty Ltd will then forward that job request to 3 trade businesses (also known as Service Providers). If the business is interested, has time and wants the job they then let us know and we pass on the name and telephone number for the customer. The service provider will then call the customer and discuss the job, arrange a site inspection and complete the job for the customer.

Costs involved for Customers:

It does not cost anything for the Customer to list their job with C James Only Pty Ltd. They will need to include personal details such as their name, phone number and email address when lodging their job request.

Cost involved for Service Providers:

If a trade business is interested in taking up the opportunity to receive job referrals from C James Only Pty Ltd, they are required to purchase a membership. Memberships are available for annual purchase (contract membership) or monthly purchase (flexible membership). Annual Memberships are an investment of $547.00 (this equals $1.50 per day) and Flexible Memberships are an investment of $720.00 (this equals $2.00 per day). Both memberships will also incur a once off administration payment of $35.00. If someone is interested in the Annual Membership, they will receive the rest of 2014 for free, however the annual payment is due upfront.


All Service Providers are required to make payment via direct deposit into our bank account. You will be provided the details and reference number for each Service Provider when generating their invoice. All payments are due before or on the 15th of each month.

Account Suspension:

If a Service Provider fails to make payment by the due date, their account will be temporarily suspended. If they fail to make payment before the end of the month, their account is automatically terminated and will require the approval of Management being reactivation is considered.